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My wife picked me up the snakes and arrows live DVD yesterday. I enjoyed it immensly. I enjoyed the live versions of some of the older songs and Neil's solo is newer and fresher, though still with elements of the old

Anne makes the point well. Neil is an excellent drummer and has certainly influenced about 10 million more drummers then I ever will. Maybe he's not the Best drummer that ever lived but he is certainly better then I am. What he plays fits perfectly with Rush. Does he try to better himself? Probably, We all do. And I'd certainly trade places with him for a few paychecks. lol

I just read the best/worst solo's list.................. Now I need to listen to em all to see which one I really like best, Rush in Rio was excellent, and the YYZ solo was the first one I ever studied and played (Parts of anyway), I enjoyed the snakes solo... but probably have to rank RIR my fave.

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