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Default Re: Evans Onyx...anyone tried them?

Thanks for all the comments...and I'm still interested to know what people think of the Onyx once they've tried em. We may start using the forums to select some beta testers to try new product...but we're not ready to do that quite yet.

To answer the question about the Genera Resonant vs the G1 Clear...yes, they both are 10mil thick...but they use different film types. Every film type has it's own unique acoustic signature...and the Genera Reso film produces more upper-mids compared to the G1. It's especially good with a 2-ply top as it returns some of the brilliance and helps the drum project better. When using a 2-ply batter (either G2 or EC2)...the Genera Reso is my first choice. It really helps the drums resonate.

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