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It's just nice to occasionally get feedback like that. Particularly as I've just spent ten hours of my life I'll never get back on a neuropsychology essay. I'm not going to make any judgments about what people like and what people don't like - it's always about the argument rather than the statement. I get frustrated when there's blind hero-worship going on and unfortunately I see a lot of it on this thread and others with no argument. Just occasionally it's nice to have something to say that can apply to anything in any walk of life.
In fairness, both side of the coin here. Neil is one of the many drummers subject to blind loyalty. He also a magnet for bashers. Neil is one of the few drummers that take flack from people that just don't like his popularity.

I accept Neil for what he does ( as I have stated before) but it is indeed unrealistic to say that he grooves and swings like so many drummers that are better at it than he is. I have no rose colored glasses for that.

There needs to be discourse and acceptance on both sides of the fence. IOW: I agree...there needs to be more solid argument, not just limitless praise or demonization.
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