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Default Stage Names?

What is your stage name (if any), and how did you get it?

A stage name doesn't have to be the name you use in a band or what your fans (if any) call you. It could be a nickname everybody just calls you, or the name you just prefer to be called by.

Anne Beeche isn't my real name. It's actually Ania Bucko, but after a childhood of "butt-hole" and "buckle my seatbelt", I got sick of it and I just don't want to see it anywhere aside from legal documents outside of highschool. I've been trying to change my name ever since I was little.

A few months ago I decided to research the meaning of my surname. It's not polish (even though I am) but I'm pretty damn sure it's related to the Slavic root 'buk', for 'beech tree'. So I translated that into English and added an 'e' on the end of it for an old-fashioned feminine celebrity feel. (Strong feminine pwns dainty feminine any day.)

And there you go, henceforth I shall be known as Anne Beeche.
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