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Default Re: Fighting in Hockey: In or Out

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
So you think that Olympic Hockey and College Hockey are basketball on ice.??
And have you ever watched a lacrosse game.??
And of course they are DEFENSEMEN. You don't think any team is going to have someone with skill fighting do you.
Wow, where to start with this one. imo, NHL hockey has always been more exciting than Olympic and College (which I like also.) But that's just my preference.

And anyone saying most enforcers are defensemen just doesn't watch alot of hockey (or any!). Yes, some defencemen can/could fight (including the best player ever Bobby Orr) but most of the big names are typically forwards. Probert, Schulz, Kocur, Domi, Brashear, Twist, Grimson, Tiger Williams were all forwards. Here's a list of the current cream the crop, also all forwards.

And to call defencemen unskilled is just plain wrong. Defencemen are often times the most skilled players on the ice. Hockey is about more than just scoring. I love seeing a great defensive play just as much as a goal, a big hit or a good fight. Forwards do a lot of great stuff, but so do defencemen, and they do it skating backwards.

And also, many great skill players could and did fight. Orr, Messier, Howe, Richard, Lindsay, Shanahan, Neely, etc. Probert and Kocur were my two favorite fighters ever and could brawl as well as anyone, but Probert had pretty good hands and scored a few goals too in his day. Kocur came back to the Wings in 97 and 98 to help them win a pair of Cups, and he rarely fought, but was more important as a checking forward and also had a big goal in one of the finals games against the flyers in 97. Made Hextall look like a rookie.
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