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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Now that I have heard the clips and looked at the thread:

I have to say I agree with Aydee when he says the kit has fantastic aesthetics! That kit has such a tribal/earthy quality to it's appearance. It stands out as a kit that has a "theme" that is more fully actualized than most kits. That ranges from the drum finish, to hardware, drumhead choice and artwork.

I appreciate the fact that the drums are solid. I have to say that places drums IMO in a certain hierarchy.

1. Solid
2. Stave
3. Ply

Up until this thread, the only solid shelled drum I had seen or tried is a Luka snare some time ago. I have to side with the solid/stave crowd that the drums are simply better at transmitting sound than plies and lots of glue.

I also appreciate the hardware they use, as it has minimal lug contact...great for form and function. I bet the shells vibrate so well that the concept of "voice matching" is as irrelevant a concept as it is on my kit. I looked up some specs on "Cooktown ironwood" and it's obviously super dense and hard. That would also make me believe that even if there are some anomalies (moisture, irregularities) that it would be even more prominent than with maple. I don't think that ironwood is especially knotty or flawed.

The inside view of the shell and edges is spectacular! I have to think that inside carving may also help reduce bright reflectivity a little, thanks to the irregular surfaces.

Those drums would be worth the lugging IMO. Bravo!

Incidentally, I noticed you play a duellist. You might be interested in this scan. I found a copy of "drums" from jan/feb 1989 that was laying around in my local mom and pop store. The issue was titled "double bass mania," and I scanned the pedal patents. You might find the lower right hand patent interesting.

I have to say, your kit is awesome in every sense of the word!
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