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Vinnie just thinks on different level. He has a different perception of groove, time, phrasing, subdivisions ... everything. I'll never understand all of what he's doing, and I don't think I'll ever understand a tiny fraction of it. Although it's rewarding and great fun trying to think like him. Most mortal drummers see a bar of 4/4 and play a fill. Something nice and simple, maybe a combination of sixteenth notes and eight notes, with some double kick thrown in. Vinnie will subdivide into 16th notes, and play the most sick, out there phrasing imaginable. Monster.

Lang was bought up earlier in the thread. I like him a lot, one of my favourites at the moment. Although he's only innovating on a physical level; exploring what can be done with the limbs. Vinnie explored on a much higher level than everyone else. The way he approaches the kit and a song is just completely out there. And he can play anything. He puts a lot (not all) of metal drummers to shame with Megadeth. It's amazing that he can just slip into playing that music that easily, and then slip out again into playing fusion or traditional jazz.

Vinnie's work with Zappa ...... end of thread!
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