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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
No that's not what I meant. Playing this style is easier now than it ever has fact.
What I said was......because I haven't been playing 16th at 250bpm for 1 1/2 hours a night... for 6 weeks endurance is not what it used to be.
It was harder at the time to keep the tempos up..... as I wasn't doing it a lot.
That was an old statement and since I've been playing consistently with Serpents Rise....Keeping those fast tempos..... is cake.

thanks man for answering my question. i post on your forum as well. your easier to get here then there hahaha. got a few more questions for you if you dont mind.
i saw the clip of you again at the modern drummer fest last night on youtube. they have some good shots of your feet! are you still doing flatfoot when doing doubles bass there? i ask cause it looked like you were using just ankles.
as is im still going back and forth on which way i should play fast double bass, using mostly legs or just using ankles heels down for double bass playing. when im using all legs when i get about about 144 bpm doing 16ths i feel like im killing myself. im at about 133 bpm doing 16ths heels down and that is still hard. i can see the great potential heels down using just ankles has though. but as is im slow with it. a lot of people using the technique where they hold their heels just a little of the pedals and just use their ankles. that dons not work for me because it makes my back hurt to much. thats one of the reasons why i started looking into heels down.
i have heard people say that george kollias uses a combo of hip flexors and ankles at fast speeds. to me it looks like he is using just ankles at the fast speeds with his heels held just a little off the pedals. do you know what he is doing when play fast double bass? i ask because i have heard a number of people talk about a mix of ankles and legs at fast tempos. when im doing the flat foot my ankles are pivoting on the pedals but the main amount of motion is coming from my legs and hips.
also, do you have any plans to be doing any clinics on the east coast anytime soon? it would be cool to come out and check out your playing live. i was supposed to see you with hate eternal a few years ago but you guys were not able to make it. i heard some people say that you guys had van trouble in new york and thats why you could not make the show. im not sure if you would remember that but the show was supposed to be at a club called jaxx in springfield virginia.
thanks for the help
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