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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Why, thank you! I try.

Well, I started on Jazz, Big Band and Blues, so yes.
Jazz isn't something you just "learn" anyway.
What I've found most effective... when trying to "learn" different styles is.... to forget about the drumming and learn "the Music".
If you can learn what type of structure (it's different than Rock and Roll, or metal, punk, etc) you'll have an easier time getting the "music" down..... Then worry about the chops part of it.
It's like learning another language.
I think it's necessary to learn all the different styles of music because you never know what you'll get called to do.
You want to be able to play everything right?
If should. It will keep you working longer than the people who don't.

Darn you for opening up my mind! I prided myself on being a close-minded butthole. lol. sarcasm. Seriously, thanks!
I drum for Him.
Psalm 150

"Closed mindedness about music is the death of the musician." - me
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