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Default Re: Frank Briggs Here!

I will be preforming and teaching at the Drummer Intensive Days in Argentina!

4 days of master classes and a concert at the EMU music school.

A concert in Buenos Aires and a concert clinic in Mendoza Argentina.

I am looking forward to this very much. I will be performing songs from China Ranch and demonstrating concepts from my book/DVD Complete Modern Drumset, The Good Foot and more.

"The new EMU facilities are located in Diagonal 73 (between 46 and 47) Number 2160, La Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The building has new classrooms, more musical ensemble rooms, and a recording studio designed by WSDG.

In March they will organize the "Drummers Intensive Day in EMU", with the participation of Phil Maturano, Pete Lockett and Frank Briggs"

More information at

I hope to meet some of my Argentinan friends in person...!!

See you there.

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