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The FIRST thing I did to all my hardware is put a clear thread grease on every thing that gets adjusted. Some people don't suggest this on drum lugs because they can loose their tuning quicker. I don't mind tuning more often and I don't have to worry about a galled up tom lug.

After transporting the kit to and from shows, I always wipe off finger prints from rims, hardware and cymbals. If you use wood tip sticks, make sure they are in good condition with no chips. In general, this will help sustain the life of your heads from nasty scratches.

Yes, by all means possible keep the Noobs off the kit and you wont have to worry about dents in those precious batter heads.

Every few months or so, I will use #26 Meguiars yellow on the finish ply, lugs, rims and hardware. It makes it easier to wipe off prints with micro-fiber cloth.

Last but not least, don't subject any of your drums to extreme cold or moist storage. If doing a show outside during the summer, never set up on a stage where direct sunlight is blazing down on your kit (trust me on this one).

OOPS, welcome to the forum. :)

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