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Default best cites to live in for finding band members

i now live in virginia and im trying to find band members. but i have been thinking about what cities might be good to move to if i cant find the members in my area? i was thinking new york, boston, philly. those are just a few that i was thinking about. any other good ones that are more on the east coast? moving out to LA is a big move and thats why i have not really considsered that.
as is im trying to really look in my state and the states near me. im looking in maryland, washington DC, PA and NC.
my goal is to find christian members that are into metal and other heavy styles. but im just thinking about what to do if i cant. there are only a number of musicians in each area and what do you do if you cant find the members i am looking for? i have thought about moving but then the question of where too becomes an issue. i say that because i could move to new york or anywhere else and still not find the christian members that im looking for.
im willing to drive a good bit, up to 3 hours at least, to join a band or start up a band if need be. that shows that it is very important to me.
what do you all think?
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