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Default Re: Fighting in Hockey: In or Out

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
So you think that Olympic Hockey and College Hockey are basketball on ice.??
And have you ever watched a lacrosse game.??
And of course they are DEFENSEMEN. You don't think any team is going to have someone with skill fighting do you.
Olympic hockey is great, this debate has been raised again due to an on ice incident ending in death in a senior beer league; accidental but never the less it will only take a similar incident in the NHL for them to consider banning it. The odd thing is that it has been encouraged by the league to attract American fans yet judging from the response I would say that they have missed the mark as it makes the game look cheesy to potential fans. Olympic hockey has been exciting to watch and after an Olympic year I find the NHL looking childish. The game is taught at an early age and if the big boys stop it then over time it can be weeded out of the game. If you have end to end action it would be rare for any one to want that action to stop so there could be a fight.
Thank you for your response and at least we can look forward to the playoffs (the 2nd season) when fighting does not occur; or rarely anyway.
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