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Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
I hear you. All these extreme black metal bands began playing faster than Slayer because 'that was the thing to do' and then start putting decapitated heads of goats on their stage, some inverted crosses and a bunch of anti-Christian pablum (Im not religious so Im not coming from that perspective) and act real evvviiilll, you know I ascared, have some Omen-esque chants, burn a church or two, added in some really noisy guitars and of course Cookie Monster on 'roid rage,. These guys took gimmicks fashioned by Venom and made their own genre. I get more pleasure from sticking my head into a cement mixer than listening to stuff like Gorgoroth.

And I LISTEN to heavy and aggressive stuff...Slayer, Napalm Death, Obituary, Kreator, etc...I LOVE Slayer, but once you get faster and 'more extreme' than them, you look almost clownish.

Youtube some of the stuff about the Norweigan Black Metal bands...laughable fools.

Re Jordison...He's a good drummer, I even like a few Slipknot songs, but nothing I want to listen to more than 2 or 3 times.
Thats incredibly narrow minded, and I think your missing the point of extreme metal big time, but each to their own! Anywho joey is a nice guy and a decent drummer, shame his name gets spammed on youtube drumming videos so much!
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