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Default Re: Ever feel you post too much?

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I admit that sometimes I get carried away. I get involved in some threads that perhaps I shouldn't have. If I post to much, I apologize for that! I just get caught up in the moment sometimes and I have to discipline myself from further posting in the thread. It is easy to just type away when your on the Net! It's the nature of the Web I suppose. Under the guise of partial anonymity one tends to say more than he/she should sometimes. I also confess that sometimes when I see an opportunity to get into a healthy argument I seize the day so to speak. All of a sudden I realize what I am doing and I kind of feel guilty about being provocative. I have made many friends here, so I guess that some folks like me. I know that I like hearing from all of you! My world is a better place with the interaction that I participate in with the folks that I meet here.
Peace, Love to all at DW.
That's what I like about you Bob. You have such a strong moral compass.

I don't see what you are describing in your post. I think you are thoughtful, respectful and interesting to read. The reason why people post is to be part of the threads, to read what others are saying and react to it. So if people didn't post too much there would be nothing to read and react to. So everyone should just keep on posting too much.
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