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Default Re: Ever feel you post too much?

I admit that sometimes I get carried away. I get involved in some threads that perhaps I shouldn't have. If I post to much, I apologize for that! I just get caught up in the moment sometimes and I have to discipline myself from further posting in the thread. It is easy to just type away when your on the Net! It's the nature of the Web I suppose. Under the guise of partial anonymity one tends to say more than he/she should sometimes. I also confess that sometimes when I see an opportunity to get into a healthy argument I seize the day so to speak. All of a sudden I realize what I am doing and I kind of feel guilty about being provocative. I have made many friends here, so I guess that some folks like me. I know that I like hearing from all of you! My world is a better place with the interaction that I participate in with the folks that I meet here.
Peace, Love to all at DW.
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