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Default Re: Evans Onyx...anyone tried them?

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As you may have heard, we launched the new Onyx series at NAMM. the series includes Onyx tom/snare heads, an Onyx bass resonant, and an EMAD Onyx. They started shipping out to retailers in late December and I'm just wondering if anyone out there has had the chance to try them yet.

We'd really love to get some feedback.

Mike - Evans Senior Product Manager
I like the Remo Suede series these appear to emulate. I prefer the single ply myself. I think the choice to go with the black is a mistake. They look terrible and will be out of vogue in short order and turns the more traditional user base off which I would think is a larger group.

I think the G Plus line is more unique and fills a niche and should be receiving your marketing push. The 14 ply EQ1 is just a little thick for a single ply. It feels like hitting a practice pad. Its too stiff and the ring sucks the life out of it for my taste. The 12mil might just fit the bill nicely for a fuller sound without going 2ply
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