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Originally Posted by DogBreath
I've been a fan of opera my whole life. One of my favorites is The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro). Iíve listened to it so many times over the years on tape that I know almost every note by heart. One year for my birthday, my girlfriend bought tickets for us to see The Marriage of Figaro at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is Los Angeles. We were young, and not rich, and we were probably the only couple there who didn't drive up in a luxury car. The place was beautiful, and the seats were great. The lights dimmed, the music started, and I was transported.

The opening scene takes place in the bedroom that will be shared by Figaro and Sussana after their wedding. Figaro is on his knees measuring the space that will be occupied by the nuptial bed. He calls out the numbers "Cinque... dieci.... venti... trenta!" exactly as I had heard them hundreds of times before, and I felt a thrill seeing the expression on his face while the familiar words were called out.

On and on the evening went, all the words exactly as I knew they would be, but now living things; all of the notes perfectly played by the orchestra. When the curtain fell for the last time the crowd was on its feet. This classic piece of musical theater had been executed faultlessly by a group of talented artists who realized that perfection is sometimes best expressed through perfect reproduction.

When I saw Rush in concert many years ago, the songs were performed with amazing precision. I was astounded at how closely the music matched the memories I had of all of times I had listened to the albums and heard the singles on the radio. Many bands riff and vamp. Many bands actually suck live and only achieve greatness through digital manipulation and post-production editing. Lightening, it is said, cannot strike the same place twice. Rush can strike home, with laser-like accuracy, over and over. Not all art is made better through riffing and improv. Some art is perfect just the way it is. I am thankful that Neil Peart has the ability to play my thoughts and memories just the way they are in my mind and heart.
Put so eloquently I might add. Neil is my ALL time favorite. His percision is not impossible to match but if you attempt it, you will have to pack a lunch or two (that includes all the Gatorade you will sweat out). I was introduced to Neil on the Live album "All the Worlds a Stage." That solo is still in my head to this day." I had never heard a kit used so completely as Neil's. Add to that his ability to write lyrics that remain with you. He is definitely one of the most influential drummer's of the last half century. I for one like that he can stick to the piece as written. There are things I listen for when I see a band do a gig. Especially if they do covers. One is precision. How close to the piece are they? Heard a cover of Stairway to Heaven once. The band did a wonderful job until the end. You all know the spot. "When all are one and one is all." He butchered it, completely and utterly. He didn't do the fill as Bonzo did it. They had done such a great job up until then. I left afterwards, I was so disgusted. Sounds a little trivial, I know but that is something thats important to me in the music. Especially classics like Stairway. Anyway, my 2 cents. Ciao. Rich The Builder.
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