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Originally Posted by tomsmithkinross View Post
Hey man i've had the same problem... no threads hey, but fortunately i saw him live.
He is awesome definitely a groovy guy. He came out after the show and i talked to him, he ended up teaching me his one handed drum roll technique. Man it was the most awesome experience. If you like him you should check out Nicky Bomba they are very similar but i love 'em both.
He did a signing of his solo album after a JBT show in Manchester a couple of years ago and took the time out of his meet and greet to teach me the same thing. I've seen JBT live 5 times now and they get better and better each show.

Michael had a percussion rig on his kit at the last show and during the song Gov Did Nothin' both John Butler and Shannon Birchall (bass) were on the drum riser grooving with Michael.

One of my favourite bands, world class musicians every one of them and crucially, they all put the song first (unlike too many bands these days).

Deserving of his own Drummerworld page me thinks.
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