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Default Re: The man that I have become!

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Not me baby....pain is good....more pain is better. The day I don't feel pain is probably the day I die. And I'm not ready to die just yet. We're all responsible for our own happiness. Find that mindset, and you've got the best of the game.
Very well said my friend Harry, as well as Bob, and Abe...I have lived with nerve damage (EXTREME PAIN) in both feet now for 16 years and although I am not in love with the pain I am THANKFUL I can feel it and still live this wonderful life.

Hell, I was the one who probably brought about all the damage through drug abuse (yes, I said it), wild partying days or shall I say years, and extreme workouts or abuse to my lower extremities in martial arts. But, growing older even in pain is a marvelous blessing that I will not trade away. And now that I have finally taken up drums, have an excellent teacher for learning them, and still have a great wife who has put up graciously with the drums in the house, children, parents and sibling who can ask for more?

That Guy, I know things are getting tough for you as I read in another post, but hang in there Bro, you have never struck me as a downer so get back up and ride again bro!!!

Thanks Bob for such a great makes one think of how thankful we should be even in these hard times...we will get through and I believe we will all suffer some before it is over...some just more than others, but we can still remain thankful because we still have far more than most in this world.
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