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Having learned a very simple method to do so, I just build my own gear. The shells are easy to roll up. I do them in italian poplar or birch (haven't tried maple yet. its pretty stiff).
I just sold my last kit. 20x20 kick (big thunder for a smaller size), 14x12 suspended floor, 6, 8, 10, 13 racks and a 14x8 snare (Nice bottom end).

My next project will be a BIG kit. Double bass (28x28 cannons) 10, 12, 13, 14 racks, 18x16 floor and 14x10 snare. 12 ply shells all (i play pretty hard). I'll post pics as the project progresses.

Build a jig with two pieces of wood cut to the inside diameter of the shell with a single cross member to create the first seam. Use brads to secure the sheet. Then, positioning the next seam 180 degrees from the first, apply DAP weldwood to both the outer surface of the first and inner surface of the second sheet, roll the next ply on. Then position the 3rd seam 90 degrees from the 2nd, same gluing process. Position the 4th 180 degrees from the 3rd and do the same thing again. Use a rolling pin on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sheets to ensure bonding. let the shell sit for a few hours to be sure the glue has set up. Then mark off both ends to the inside of the jig and cut off the jig ends. Remove the cross member with a pair of pliers (gently). The brads will come out of the 1st sheet. Use a planer to even up the shell ends. A granite slab or a good counter top will serve to level the ends. Now cut your sound edges (vertical with 45s or 30x45 or 45x45 depending on your tastes.
Edges can be cut with a router or with a half round wood file. Then line off your shells for hardware (use the rims to mark off with. The bass has to be done with a tape measure). Repeat this process for all the shells. Cut snare beds on the snare drum shell. This kit will be covered with either sheet brass or bronze. Mounting hardware (lug casings, etc. will be finished in brass). As i said I'll post pics as I get them. Ciao, Rich the Builder
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