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Default Re: The man that I have become!

The woman I have become.

I feel like a 21 years old(who is 16) trapped in a 45 year old body sometimes.Not that the body is so bad but a little less flexible and a bit of pain here and there.
Getting older is kinda cool for me.I don't care what people think since I carry myself with respect. I speak my mind with pride not when I was younger and just a smart ass saying things for attention and to shock people.I dress a little more my age and not like a rocker vixen, not that I don't have the clothes but they are for special times.Never into games if someone is not into you or was with someone else walk away it is a choice a feeling and has nothing to with you.I don't have time for angry rude selfish people, life is to short to not get all the positive you can out of and enjoy nature, friends and family that you have left.My mind is sharper now and I enjoy people more.The 80's rocked! I was lucky to have lived through the rock club and concerts back in CA in Hollywood and Orange County.I have lived through so much I have so much to be thankful for and a lot of worldly advice if needed.
Never to young or old to learn a few new tricks!
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