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I've always like his playing. I have a pat travers album from around 1980 that he is on.
It has "snorting whiskey and drinking cocaine" and 'born under a bad sign" plus the famous 'is this love" great drumming and guitar playing.

one thing i'm not happy about with Tommy, and this is not a criticism, but more of an observation, but his rack toms are so large that you can't see him head on. Just hair and arms flying.
he seems to sit really low. I think when he was with Whitesnake in the '80s he played 14" and 15" power rack toms and you just couldn't see the guy.
I wonder why the band members or management didn't do something?
maybe even have him go back to one 14" er between the the 2 bass drums to get it down in height.

I too have the VHS tape of him that I bought in 1990. Super great rock drummer.
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