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Originally Posted by drummer girl09 View Post
He has potential for sure, but I guess his type of playing doesn't interest me much. But I don't know much about him. When I heard him on the interview, he seemed like he new a lot about drumming, the differant genres, and technique actually. But when I saw him play, I wasn't impressed much. I think he needs to show more of a beat then to do play all the different fills, and kind of percussion. Does he even play in a band?
Potential for what? To get to an extreme level of independence like him says a lot. It may not be your thing, which is fine. The videos are solo's. Some drummers play better in a band then in solo's. His style of drumming (solo's) are focused on what can blow your mind as opposed to cool beats. And some drummers just may not do it for you no matter how good they are. Look at Dom Famularo............people go on about how great a teacher he is..........but his solo's focus on fast double bass and lots of 80's rock drummer style.......just has never impressed me. So its all opinion really.

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