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All right fellows.

I've been working on this for a while. I'll be publishing a series of articles at ranking Neil Peart's drum solos, from worst to first!
I justs watched S&A live on blu-ray. Just what I always wanted: vivid pores, arm hair and sweat close ups on the bigscreen! The detail is right there in high definition.

I have to say that this was for me, the least enjoyable Peart Solo. That is because it didn't (IMO) flow like past solos. It almost felt like he was saying "Ok, now on to the next part." There was no build-up (ebb and flow) like RIR. Additionally, some of the Roland samples he played sounded pretty bad and out of context.

From "All the worlds a stage" on to RIR, I place the S&A solo dead last on my Peart -o- Meter solo enjoyability.
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