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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
I realize that. Logic appears to have been designed specifically for the mac. It doesn't seem to have been designed for the PC then ported to the mac.

Either way, I am looking into logic one day.
It is made by Apple, so there is no port. When Emagic owned Logic there were PC versions, but that was back in 2002 when they were bought out. Logic is worth it and far more intuitive than Cubase (in my experience) and Pro Tools (arguably a more powerful audio editor, but hard to use, more expensive and not sure on the sequencer on the new version!). All that said make sure you find somewhere to try Logic out. Most Apple stores have an in-house Logic demonstrator. See if you can seek them out!
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