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Default Surgery bound

(UPDATE) Had my pre op dr appointment yesterday and here is the skinny on the surgery....
They will be making a few incisions and seperating my shoulder to get 2 sutures around the tear in my rotator cuff...... Before they stitch that, they will be cutting away and removing a part of the collar bone wich is compressing the injured area.
After surgery, I will be out of work at least 7-10 days and pretty much armchair bound for a few weeks (At least for sleeping) and for 2 days I'll have a tube in my shoulder joint administering antibiotics and pain meds. Michelle will be removing this when it runs out....... I love you baby.... I mean REALLY Love you............ don't hurt me ;)
After 10 days or so, I have 6 to 8 weeks of therapy and recovery to look forward too, and during this time my left shoulder will be monitored and evaluated and if there is no improvement then I get to go through is all again on the other side. Yayy.....
As a side note I relenquished my throne to the substitute drummer in my classic rock band "Full Count" as I'll be a few months before playing again and he is shouldering the load with the guys.

Will keep you updated.

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