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Default Re: Evans Onyx...anyone tried them?

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I think G Plus clear might be the first thing to least on the smaller drums...then maybe Ec1 clear on the larger drums if you want some control there. Those two heads are made using different thicknesses of the same film type (and the EC1 has the ring as well) you're going to have a fairly consistent timbre from drum to drum and it'll give you the open tone on the racks and the fatness on the floors that "I think" i'm reading that you're after.

the Onyx heads are going to be dark, focused, and very punchy. they're great for agressive play, but based on your descriptions of what you've tried and like/disliked about each...they're probably not the right choice for you.

Ok, sounds fair. Thanks for responding!

It might go to that... 8/10/12 the open g plus clear and the 14/16 the ec-1 clear. Or maybe g-plus+ a dab of moongel if required....hmm decisions
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