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Default Re: Evans Onyx...anyone tried them?

I may try the g-plus clear one of these days.

So far any drumhead I put on my Trick kit sounds good in it's own way. I am after the round and slightly dark sound like Mike Portnoy's kit.

I currently have resonant glass on bottom and pinstripes on top. (Emad on the kick and reverse pc on snare over hazy 300)

bear in mind my kit is tonally neutral, it has no peaky overtones.

I tried the following with the following results on my kit:
- G plus coated--- too dry and a touch flat on my drums
- G2 coated- sounded pretty good, but I was after a "wetter" tone
- Ec-2 clears: these tended to flatten the tone of the smallest toms and get a touch slappy on the larger toms.
- G2 clears: pretty good with a dab of moongel, but they favored attack, and were a bit brighter than I was after.

It may sound picky, but so far, the pinstripes have not been as flattening as the ec's, and don't have that bright slap of the clear g2/ec2's.

That is why I am guessing the g plus clears might be right on the money as well.
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