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Default Re: Evans Onyx...anyone tried them?

Glad to help...

the 12mil thickness of the G Plus is going to deliver a slightly darker sound, more attack, and a little more pitch focus compared to a standard 10mil single-ply...but you'll still have the open sound quality and full sustain. It's also significantly more durable.

the difference between the 14mil single-ply EC1 and the 14mil double-ply EC2 is that the EC1 delivers a dense and pitchy tone...still with a decent amount of sustain. The decay of the EC1 is also slower taper (quicker than a standard 1-ply, but more gradual than a 2ply). the feel of the EC1 is also still that of a has a bounce that kicks the stick back quicker.

The EC2 has a more focused low-end and a quick taper to the sustain. It has a beefy and warm tone and a lot of attack. It also has more "stop" in the feel...where the stick doesn't bounce as much and players can "play into the head" more. This is true of double-ply heads in general.

Hope this helps.

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