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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Haha...yeah, the book is GREAT for this stuff. But, like I always say..."speed ONLY comes from playing fast." And, by "speed".... I mean the type of speed required to play Extreme Metal.
You'll never get there....if you don't try to push those tempos out.

That said....anyone can push out fast notes for a few measures...not many can do it for 32 bars at a time. That's where those endurance exercises come into play.

I've come up with a good analogy to compare drummers wanting to achieve these relation to a real life situation...
Here goes...
You're driving down the interstate and your car runs out of gas just 3/4 of a mile to the exit.
What are your options?
Here are 2...
1. Push your car to the exit and get gas. You can then "relax", get a soda and catch your breath before return on your journey.
2. You sit and wait for someone to stop and help you. You "relax" and wait....maybe "stick your thumb out" to stop someone who can assist you, etc....
Will someone stop? Will you get the "help" you need?
By the time this happens......the guy that chooses option likely already back on his journey....ahead of the game.

I see so many drummers asking for advise and direction.....rather than just doing it.
The ones who wait on direction....are the one's who are always behind.

Remember that... when thinking about physical principles like this.

Wow....that's an awesome analogy.
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