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Default Jimmy Marinos

I was wandering what you guys think about "Jimmy Marinos",the original drummer/vocalist for The Romantics ??
I think he should be included on the list of drummers on this site cause Jimmy is an awesome drummer with a very unique style of playing.
I was lucky enough to see The Romantics live in 1979 @ Brassy's Nite Club in Cocoa Beach Florida & Jimmy was Hot & very loud !!
Jimmy's Ludwig kit is very small & simple,i think maybe a 4 piece when i saw them & he plays his sticks with the handles to give it that heavy 60's beat & sound.
I don't think i'm the only one out here that thinks Jimmy Marinos is an awesome influential drummer & it's a shame that you don't hear much about him now.
Here's a video from 1983 of The Romantics with Jimmy Marinos on those very simple Ludwig kit & lead vocals...

p.s. i re-did this thread & posted it now in the right forum....
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