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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

Originally Posted by wloeb View Post
Good call on the mac. It's very likely that the problem was your firewire chipset in the PC.
Presonus interfaces work best the the TI chipsets.

I used to use Garageband which is very easy to use but I simply could not figure out how to do some very simple things:

1) Invert the phase of one track (for bass drum and snare bottom)
2) Adjust the width of a stereo track

I'm now using cubase, which has a steep learning curve.

I don't even know at this point if the basic version of garage band will do that. It might be a feature if you upgrade for $79. (I life)

I will work with this until I find hard limits, then likely I will (as suggested) move up to logic 8.

The firewire chipset was likely sony, and really didn't work.
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