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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
If it's any consolation, mine hasn't crashed in over two years.
I haven't seen the blue screen of death often, however...

In XP and vista things happen that MS claims the system was designed to avoid. One application can go haywire and lock up the whole system. This is to the point the task manager has no effect or cannot even be used. This happens plenty of times.

If this happens in linux/OS/X they have a force shutdown to kill the offending application.

On a pc, it just goes into a coma as all memory/CPU resources are gone.

Power off... restart. Safe mode? Normal?

Xp and Vista are uncooperative multi-crashing platforms.

I am completely amazed how fast the imac runs on ONE gig of ram. XP and especially vista need much more just to be minimally useful. My 4gb module has been shipped and should be here soon.
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