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Umm dude firstly, Danney is doing all the percussion in the intro to Eulogy....Adam plucking the guitar over and over....i dunno if that sounds like a ducksound to you but whatever.....and then Maynard is making that 'bup bup' sound through a hair drier.....if you dont believe me download a live bootleg clip of the song and see for yourself....thought id just clear that up for you guys.....Cheers(btw i signed up to this website just to post that....hahaha i couldnt let such misknowledge be passed on!)

Originally Posted by finnhiggins
The thing that sounds like a duck is Maynard with a megaphone, if you listen carefully you can hear he's actually singing a sustained note the whole time and then pulling those loud notes out by pressing the megaphone button.

Adam is playing too, he's doing the:

xxxx  xxxx  xxxx
... type rhythm (can't remember if that's exactly it). He plays it on the guitar behind the bridge, if I recall. It's most certainly not all Danny.
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