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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Good to see it's all working for you mate! It's really not difficult is it?
I am surrounded at work with hardcore Mac naysayers. That, was a waste of breath on their part.

If relationships with women were this easy, I'd have a dozen right now.

I hate to call this stuff a no-brainer, but nothing "PC" has ever worked this well and this quickly. It's almost scary how well it works. Setting up vista +cubase was a project to keep my blood pressure intact after the 14th re-boot and complete failure to interface with the presonus.

Reservations I had were gone, and os/x does everything better -in every conceivable way- than xp or vista with the possible exception of crashing.
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