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Default Re: Fighting in Hockey: In or Out

The Pittsburgh Penguins are terrible this year. Why? Because they got rid of all the toughness and fighters they had last year. They have no one to protect Crosby or Malkin and they're getting picked on and frustrated. Thay are a prime example why fighting should remain. I agree that most of the "meathead", cheapshot artists are defensemen but most fighters are wingers.
As for more leaders who also fight: Gary Roberts, Cam Neely, Mark Messier, Eric Lindross, Darcy Tucker, Shane Corson, Kirk Muller, the Sutters, even Mario in his younger days. Some of the best fights I've seen involved team leaders. Craig MacTavish and some poor shmuck that caught him on a bad day, Wendel Clark and Marty McSorely in the '93 playoffs, Mark Messier and some punk trying to make a name for himself.
If you take out fighting you might as well take hitting, take out Canadians and Americans and let the Euros ruin it all.
If anything should be taken out it should be the shootout because it takes away the team aspect of the sport.
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