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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

My Mac arrived via ups today. It took less time to go from the box, to recording than it did simply to install and register cubase.

Power on.
Make a few language choices.
Instantly recognizes netgear network, and several others in the area, with a signal so strong it blows away the signal I was getting on my PC
Instantly recognizes Lacie backup via time machine.
Instantly recognizes firestudio
Launch garage band.
Instantly recognizes firestudio control input and synchs.
Add track, record done.
The end. All that took a whole 20 minutes from the box.

This was the easiest computer setup I have had since plugging in an Atari to a TV set.

Now I am updating software, and getting something less rudimentary than iphoto--like GIMP.

Rudimentary recording studio:
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