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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for your kind comments!

That Guy--

I really don't have a "thread contest" going....and Gav is about 300K ahead of me and I'm sure will stay that way, but thanks. More importantly I'm glad that the DVD is providing inspiration and entertainment in your household, and I'm flattered that your young daughter has taken a shine to it as well. Very cool!

Thanks for your positive feedback and kind words. They are greatly appreciated.


I'm afraid I won't have an answer on snare tuning that will satisfy you. It's such an organic thing and every drum is different. I have no stock rules because I tune by ear and I tune for what I'm going for (or for what's best for the track, or the style). Any given day, any given room, any given mic will give you different results. I remain adaptable and flexible with my tuning especially if someone's hired me to record. I must please them. I did a session tonight in LA where it was a straight ahead rock track. I picked out a drum, made the tuning more even lug to lug, whacked it, then tightened the bottom head. Boom-there it was. I don't have notes I tune to or pay attention to the taughtness by pushing down on the head with my finger. It's 100% by ear.

Saying that you've never felt more encouraged to get to your kit as a result of watching my DVD is one of the best compliments I could get. Thank you for that.


Yeah, I saw Mark and Rod from the shop at that gig. We hung out and had a good time indeed. Sorry that it was a 21 and over show!

You know, treat swing time the same way you approach your rock time. Practice things simply and slowly. Work with the click (which you're doing) and internalize the quarter note and the swing as you play simple fills. If your fills are speeding up, you are not honoring the quarter note while you're playing them. You must feel the pulse all the way through regardless of the difficulty of your fills. Record yourself during practice sessions and when playing with others. Be patient and LISTEN to what you're playing while you're playing it----be aware! Swing! Pay attention to what might make you rush your fills. Are you keeping your hat going on 2 and 4? Check out your physical motions. These are just some things off the top of my head and I hope I've given you something to think about. I wish you luck with your playing.

Cheers from LA,
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