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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

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Funny that you mention Linux. I'm messing around with various distributions on an old PC Laptop that I have. I've tried Fedora 10 and 9 on there (9 is awesome), Ubuntu 6.06, 8.04 (current install), 8.10, Madriva, (whatever the new one is) Puppy Linux (great micro distribution) and at least a couple of others I forget. All I can say is that they're all pretty good and it won't be long until commercial companies will start producing software for at least the Debian-based systems. Now Microsoft have been made vulnerable, more savvy users are starting to get their way again. Interesting how the tide turns.
My (now retired) PC with cubase was set up as a dual boot to kubuntu. I didn't get too far, because that pc (unlike this one) had too many proprietary media boards/chips that ubuntu didn't like. That may also be why Cubase hated it as well.

That was the only, and last "pre built" pc I have owned in 18 years.
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