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Default Re: Garage band (imac) vs CUbase le 4 agony

Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
Now I have an alternative software to go to if I outgrow garage band! There were not many alternatives on the pc that I could afford. They all cost $500+, and then you add specific hardware. I could drop a couple grand on just getting the software alone!

Not only did cubase not want to talk to the presonus input (firewire) but it was an insane "big brother" application. There was a long, multistep process to download a specific license, and give them your life's story to activate, and then another process to register from a "software license vault". Then there was a nearly 300mb download of patches only available from the steinberg site, and fed at a ludicrous dial-up like speed of 7kbps.

I am just glad that CRAPbase LE came with the purchase of my presonus firebase studio. The store offered a $249 upgrade (which I passed on, and very glad I did.)

I am going to my drumroom to make space on my table for the imac.
Not sure how much Logic 8 is in US Dollars without the student discount; but the price is still much less than Cubase and most of the industry rivals. It's a great bit of software and whilst the install is huge (46 Gb) it's well worth the three hours it takes. The copy protection is simple as well, it is JUST a serial number. The other DAW's I've seen are all generally very good, but Logic wins on the price and ease of use. It's just as powerful as the others as well really (with the possible exception of Pro Tools with regards to audio editing, but that's a pain in the backside). So - it's all good!

EDIT: I just looked it up and Logic Studio 8 is $500. But there is Logic Express, which is the equivalent of Cubase LE for Logic. Although with a much improved functionality. That runs to $200 directly from Apple. I used the previous version (Logic Express 7) and that was a good bit of software. I just wanted the extra power of the professional version seeing as this is for my degree.
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