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Default Re: Multi-Instrumental people

Let's see:

Lifelong passion. I started as a kid, then gave it up for a few years during my teens before picking up the sticks again around the age of 21 (currently 28 years old)

15 years (still playing)

7-8 years (quit in my early teens, but I can still find my way around a keyboard)

4-5 years. Started playing the trumpet when I joined a marching band at around 9 years old, but ditched that after a few years and moved on to...

Baritone horn/Euphonium:
6 years, from my early teens until I quit my last marching band at 19

Never had any real training, and I've never been a lead singer, but I've always enjoyed singing, and I sing backup from time to time.

And of course, since I can play drums, guitar, piano and trumpet, I can make useable sounds on most percussion instruments, organs, bass guitars and most brass horns. I wouldn't really say that I can play those instruments though, I can only say I know how they work and can do basic stuff on them.
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