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Default The Music Video Thread (RULES!)

Aha! A video thread with rules!

To keep this from simply being a "post music video until your eyes bleed, and maybe, if you feel like it, watch someone else's posted vid" thread, I have decided to include a rule or two.

Rule #1: Post your video, along with a brief description and reason why you chose that video.
Rule # or two (requirement for posting in this thread): In order to post a video, please please please watch previously posted videos and engage in intelligent conversation about the song and content!

I am hoping this thread will stimulate musical interaction and relationships through its members, and not just be a "What music video are you watching right now I don't really care I want to get my post count up" mess.

Hopefully the mods will help by deleting posts by those who violate my rules!

And so it shall begin!

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (youtube)

I have always loved this band, but especially this album, and especially this song.

It makes me think of my partying days in high school, which have long since left me behind. It also reminds me of the friends I used to have in those days, and I think about where on Earth they could possibly be right now. I hope you enjoy!

Also, the actual song is over 7 minutes, so if you like the video, check out the song itself.
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