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real name?Jason, (friends callme Sweet Baby J)
how long been playing? about 7 years now
origin of user name? A chicago based band that i love
top 5 drummers? Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Dennis Chambers, Stantone Moore
make of drumkit? Tama Rockstar, oldschool
make of cymbal? Zildjian K's and A's
where do you practice? In my makeshift studio. A.K.A my garage heh
are you in a band/s?i don't know really
covers or originals? orginals
what style of music? funk, jazz, blues, anything else that's groovin
favourite take out food? Burger King yo
one really odd fact about yourself? i'd have to say i'm just completly odd, can't find just one
how did you start drumming? learning to tap out "Whip Out" on my desk at school