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I was reading up on internal micing and decided to make a internal mic mount for the Beta 52, So i took a L bracket and drilled 2 holes to correspond with one of the lugs on my bass drum, then took a mic stand cut it off to the desired length and drilled two holes in it and the other end of the bracket, putt a rubber gasket between the two metals, and one between the drum and the metal. Not the best looking one but cheaper than a Shu.. all in all totaled out at 11.00. I painted silver due to the fact i could not find any black paint around the house, then the next day i found a post from a guy on here that made one w/ plexi-glass and it looks sweet, so I am on the hunt for the parts to make one like it...
Nice work, but WHY are you usind a DW for a trash can?
I also play Bass.
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