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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Let's see,
in my Reunion Blues black leather stick bag, I carry:

8 pair VF 5A's wood tipped
2 pair VF 5A's nylon tipped
1 pair wood handle brushes
1 pair hot rods
1 pairr felt mallets
drum key
paper and pen
egg shakers
38 revolver (for scumbag bar owners)
mini cattle prod (for dragging bass players)
Poison darts (for hecklers)
Poison dart blow tubes (see above)
1 bottle generic Wal Mart blow dart poison (gel form, spearmint fragrance)
Condoms (for the groupies)
X ray glasses (for the dancers)
Collapsible billy club (for anyone wanting to "sit in")
10 mil Plastic contractor clean up bags (corpse storage for the scumbag bar owners, hecklers and sit ins)
Corpse fresh (an odor control spray for the deceased)
Bone saw (aids in fitting corpses in the 10 mil contractor clean up bags)
Various torture aids (thumbscrews, bamboo chutes, pepper spray) (helps with getting paid)

ha ha! lol
that is the best bag IN THE WORLD!!
beats all them desingner women bags my mum and sister keep buying!


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