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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey, Todd... I tried to send this to you in a PM, but it didn't go through. :(

Dude, now you're making me pay more attention to drummers.

One of the things I managed to catch on my piece o' crap DVD player was you saying that people should have more than just your DVD in their collection. I'm thinking of getting some other DVDs, just to compare and contrast technique (if I can...) No two drummers play alike, right? I mean, your technique has probably evolved over the years, and is different than what your dad or other instructors taught you, and also from the drummers who've influenced you.

I have a copy of Queen + Paul Rodgers (Return of the Champions double-live album from '05), and one of my favorite tracks is "Let There Be Drums" (disc 2, track 13). I was reading another forum (don't remember which, but the thread was about if a solo drum could be considered music. I wouldn't think so myself, but what do I know? :)) The track starts off with just the drums, and then the guitars (and maybe keyboards?) come in. I love that kind of thing, sort of like in "Half Penny, Two Penny" with drums/guitars/keyboards.

Well, I just wanted to let you know what you're doing to me! lol Gettin' me all interested in drums and drummers now...


~ Ciana

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