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Default Re: I broke my collar bone

Originally Posted by yjb63 View Post
Last monday I broke my collar bone and was wondering,

has anybody else on here done this, and if so, how long was it before you were drumming again?.


YES, actually! I broke my clavicle(collar bone)10 years ago. AND 4 ribs(two in the front, two in the back). The broken ribs were rough. They hurt so bad, that my broken clavicle was only a minor nuisance. It took me 2 WEEKS to just learn how to move around for my daily normal activities, ie...bathroom, kitchen, etc...

It took, AT LEAST, a month to even get behind my set and hold the sticks. At the time, I was more interested in getting aclamated back to work. That was priority ONE for me then. I'd say it was close to 2 months before I was actually playing the drums to the point that I was comfortable with my recovery to play.

Oh, btw...I fell asleep at the wheel of my small pick-up truck, on a rural country road, doin' about 40 mph, and went off the road and hit a 3 ft. wide tree. The steering wheel beat me up somethin' fierce, as described above. That's how it happened to me, anyway. OUCH!!

The tree won that battle, to say the least! ;-)

Good Luck with your recovery, yjb! I can certainly sympathize with your dilemma.
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