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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post

And, getting that touch requires listening to a lot of different music. So, you become familiar with different textures and dynamics.
Yes, air drumming helps... but also, playing drums in your head also helps a lot. I'd say that close to 40% of my practicing in my life has been away from a kit. Just figuring out drum parts and my head.
Thinking about playing can make you better as long as you have the mechanical part going too.
Hope it helps.

This is oh so true. I am reminded of the experiment done with basketball players shooting free throws.

There were 3 test groups of equal ability.

One group practice free throws for a week.

One group was instructed to 'think about' and to visualize shooting free throws for a week

One group didn't practice or think about free throws

The results were...those who had done nothing score much worse. Those who actually practiced scored best, but those who didn't practice but still thought about their free throws scored nearly as well as those who did practice.

Sorry to bore you guys with a basketball analogy, but it works. :)
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