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Yea, please put them up. And what a great drummer to chose for a fill-in. When Slipknot played a show in melbourne not long ago there were all of the normal reps from radio stations there like normal, but when this guy went back to the radio station to sota talk about the show he said that when he was backstage (these ppl always have backstage acces don't they! Un-fair) he said he bumped into the lead singer corey taylor and Joey and they had their masks off and they just came up to him and in a real sort-of sqeaky, fast strong US accent said. "Yeeaa that was a real good show wasn't it. I thought it was pretty good show. What do you rekon. It was pretty good wasn't it." When i heard that on the radio i was pissing myself. But that just prooves that a mask can be very deceiveing.

By the way i did Not go to the show.
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